Professional Water Quality Testing for Your Home in East Granby, CT

The water that comes through your tap is treated and tested by public officials before it leaves the plant. Unfortunately, there are still several ways the water can become compromised along the way. Angell Home Inspection Services provides water quality testing giving homeowners in the East Granby, CT, area the peace of mind they need.

If you want to make sure the water you’re drinking is clean, safe, and pure, our friendly professionals can conduct water quality testing to diagnose contamination issues and set your mind at ease.

Threats To Water Quality

Unfortunately, there are a number of different contaminants that frequently end up in the water that runs through local homes. Here are some things every homeowner should know about each of these unique threats:

  • Lead – Copper piping, brass fittings, and soft water can all cause lead to show up in your water supply. Consuming lead in your water can lead to serious illness, so it’s important to test for this element.
  • Arsenic – If your water comes from a private well, there is a chance that it is contaminated with arsenic levels beyond the EPA threshold for human consumption.
  • Uranium – Due to the erosion of soil and rocks, uranium can end up in the water supply. If your home is drilled into bedrock, the risk of uranium contamination is even greater.

Water Quality Testing for Your Home in East Granby, CT

Angell Home Inspection Services provides trusted water quality testing for homeowners, buyers, investors, real estate agents, and other residents of the East Granby, CT, area. To book your inspection, send us an email or give us a call today at (860) 402-6644.