Offering Water Quality Testing to Farmington, CT, Residents

Water Quality Testing Farmington, CTCalling all homebuyers, realtors, and other Farmington, Connecticut, residents: Do you know whether your house’s water supply is safe? If your answer isn’t a resounding “yes,” consider investing in water quality testing and a home inspection to ensure that it doesn’t contain materials that can be harmful to human health. At Angell Home Inspection Services, we offer home water tests that check for:

Water Potability

Potable water testing is done to check whether your home’s water supply is safe to drink. We’ll test it for harmful bacteria, the presence of minerals, and water hardness to ensure that it falls within the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines.

Arsenic & Uranium Testing

Arsenic and uranium can seep into home water systems when minerals and rocks containing the contaminant break down and dissolve. They can also enter groundwater when industrial and agricultural waste products aren’t dealt with properly. And the result can be disastrous—long-term exposure to arsenic and uranium can lead to skin lesions and even cancer, so it’s essential to have your home’s water supply tested for them.

Radon and Lead Testing

Our home inspection water test checks for the presence of radon and lead. Radon exposure can lead to cancer, and lead poisoning can lead to kidney damage, hypertension, immune system disfunction, and more. Let us ensure that your home’s water supply doesn’t contain these harmful contaminants—especially if your residence uses water from a private well which isn’t tested by the city.

Get in Touch

If you’re convinced that your Farmington, CT, home needs water quality testing, reach out to us at Angell Home Inspection Services today. We’re a local, veteran-owned company with a great reputation—and we’d love to help you out by ensuring the safety of your home’s water supply.