Expert Water Quality Testing for Suffield, CT Homeowners

Water Quality Testing Suffield, CTDo you trust your tap water? If you’re not entirely sure, consider that tap water can contain hard minerals, viruses, bacteria, and even fungi, which can all adversely affect your health in different ways. To ensure that your home—or a home you’re considering purchasing—has a safe, potable water supply, get in touch with us at Angell Home Inspection Services to schedule a home water test at your Suffield, Connecticut, residence. We have years of experience with water quality testing, making us the local experts you can trust. Our home inspection water tests check for:

Water Potability

Our potable water testing will tell you whether your tap water contains unwanted bacteria and minerals. It also tests to ensure that your home’s water hardness falls within the EPA’s guidelines.

Arsenic & Uranium Testing

Did you know that long-term exposure to uranium and arsenic can lead to severe health problems, including skin issues and even cancer? Our water testing will check for the presence of these harmful substances.

Radon & Lead Testing

Like arsenic and uranium, radon and lead exposure can lead to cancer, as well as kidney damage, immune dysfunction, and more. And many municipal water supplies aren’t tested for these contaminants, making it all the more important to schedule a home water test.

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Ready to feel confident that your Suffield, CT, home’s water supply is safe to drink and bathe in? Contact us today for water quality testing. We’re a local, veteran-owned company that promises to take great care of our customers!