Schedule Professional Radon Testing in Avon, CT

Due to the tendency for radon to build up and cause serious health issues for those exposed, this gas is often referred to as ‘the silent killer’. At Angell Home Inspection Services, we offer radon testing for homes in Avon, Connecticut. Our detailed testing service is the ideal way to get to the bottom of any radon issues and restore confidence in the air you breathe.

Our radon testing service includes a comprehensive analysis of your home by a certified professional inspector. Within 24 hours of every inspection, we provide a detailed digital report of all of our findings, so you won’t have to wait long to get the answers you need.

Radon Testing: Why Does it Matter?

Radon testing should be a top priority for every homeowner. If neglected, radon gas can build up inside your home and create some truly unsafe conditions. Here are some facts you should know about radon:

  • Origin – This harmful gas is naturally occurring and originates in rock, soil, and water.
  • Threat – Radon begins to pose a threat once it is released into the air supply.
  • Access – This gas often enters homes through cracks, wiring, walls, and other points of entry. Given how easy it is for radon to infiltrate your living space, comprehensive testing is the only way to truly protect your home.
  • Health Effects – Prolonged radon exposure can put you at risk of developing serious illnesses, including lung cancer, so this is not an issue to be taken lightly. Our trusted radon testing service is an essential step in creating a safe and secure home.

Reliable Radon Testing for Your Property in Avon, CT

The threat of radon build up can be very stressful, but with trusted radon testing for your Avon, CT, home, Angell Home Inspection Services can provide the info you need to move forward. To schedule your radon inspection, call us at (860) 402-6644 or email us today!