Calling All Bloomfield, CT, Residents in Need of a Home Inspector

Home Inspector Bloomfield, CTAre you selling or buying a home in the Bloomfield, Connecticut, area? If so, you’re likely going to need a home inspector to determine which, if any, repairs are necessary as you negotiate a selling price. You can turn to us at Angell Home Inspection Services for all of your inspection needs, including:

A Variety of Inspection Purposes

Not only do we provide home inspection services for both homebuyers and sellers, but we also provide expert inspections for multi-unit housing, vacation homes, and rental units. We also offer yearly maintenance inspections as well as inspections for wood-destroying pests.

Mold Services

When we check for mold, we’re always sure to take spore samples. This can help us identify the causes of mold and mildew growth within homes.

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging tests check for air leaks around your home, which can drastically and sneakily reduce your home’s energy efficiency. We’ll identify places that might be contributing to thermal transfer and recommend a fix.

Water Quality Testing

The water tests we perform check for water potability, uranium, arsenic, radon, and lead to ensure that your home’s water supply is as safe as possible to drink, bathe, and clean with.

Radon and Air Testing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that breathing radon can lead to lung cancer, and that symptoms can take years to manifest. That’s why it’s essential to have your home’s air tested to ensure it’s safe to breathe.

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Angell Home Inspection Services is an experienced, local, veteran-owned home inspector that you can rely on to provide expert inspections and a detailed report within 24 hours. Contact us today to schedule an inspection at your Bloomfield, CT, home!