Offering Professional Radon Testing Services in Bloomfield, CT

Angell Home Inspection Services is the company to turn to for radon testing services in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Often known as a ‘silent killer,’ radon can build up in your home and result in serious health consequences for anyone breathing that are. When you turn to Angell Home Inspection Services for a professional radon test, you’ll get a detailed report of all of our findings so that you can have confidence in the air throughout your home.

Why is Radon Testing Important?

There’s no way to tell if there are high levels of radar in your home without radon testing services. Here’s why radon is such a concern:

  • Origin – Radon is a gas that naturally occurs in rock, soil, and water.
  • Threat – When radon is released into the air supply, it can pose a threat to your health.
  • Access – Radon can easily enter your home through cracks, wiring, walls, and more.
  • Health impact – Radon exposure can eventually lead to serious illnesses, such as lung cancer. It’s therefore important to have a radon tester determine if radon is present in the air throughout your home.

The Radon Mitigation Professionals

At Angell Home Inspection Services, we can provide radon testing services for homeowners throughout the Bloomfield, CT, area. These services will provide you with the information you need to move forward and ensure the air you breathe is safe. Call Angell Home Inspection Services at (860) 402-6644 or email us to get started.