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At Angell Home Inspection Services, we understand that the water quality in your home is of utmost importance. We offer expert water testing services in West Simsbury, Connecticut. Our specialized home water tests are designed to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of your water quality, helping you make informed decisions for your family’s health and safety. With our reliable and accurate water testing services, you can rest assured that your family is always protected.

The Hidden Risks in Your Tap Water

While public water treatment plants in West Simsbury work diligently to provide safe water, there are always potential threats to your home’s water quality. Our thorough home water tests go beyond the treatment facility, addressing concerns that might arise during the water’s journey to your home. Common contaminants include:

Lead Contamination

Lead can enter your home water supply through various sources, including lead and copper pipes, brass faucet fittings, and soft water. Consuming water with lead poses health risks, making it crucial to promptly detect and address this issue.

Arsenic Concerns

Approximately 4% of private wells in Connecticut, including West Simsbury, have been found to exceed EPA-designated thresholds for arsenic. Our home water tests identify arsenic levels, allowing you to implement necessary remediation measures.

Uranium Awareness

Uranium, a natural occurrence in soil and rocks, can be present in water supplies, especially for homes with wells drilled into bedrock. Our tests help identify unsafe uranium levels, ensuring your water meets safety standards.

Comprehensive Water Testing for Your Home

Angell Home Inspection Services offers vital home inspection services, including thorough water testing. Our service is designed for homeowners, buyers, investors, and real estate agents in West Simsbury, CT. Our home water tests diagnose issues and provide insights, enabling us to assist you in developing the right remediation plan.

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