Find Peace of Mind with Professional Radon Testing in Windsor, CT

With professional radon testing for your home in Windsor, Connecticut, Angell Home Inspection Services can diagnose any ongoing threats and set your mind at ease. With our thorough process and fast results, we can get to the bottom of any problem and deliver a concise digital report within one day of the inspection.

Radon Testing: Why Does it Matter?

In order to maintain a safe living space, you need to make sure your home is cleared of any radon issues. Here are some important facts every homeowner should know about this threat:

  • Origin – Radon gas develops naturally in various settings, including in soil, water, and rocks.
  • Threat – This gas begins to pose a threat to humans once it is released and allowed to accumulate in the air supply. Sustained exposure to air compromised by radon can lead to serious long-term health effects.
  • Access – Radon tends to accumulate within homes that are built upon natural uranium deposits. It can seep in through walls, cracks in your home exterior, wiring, and other avenues.
  • Health Effects – Exposure to radon is a serious concern. If you fail to take action, long term exposure to this gas can increase your chances of lung cancer and other severe illnesses.

Reliable Radon Testing for Your Property in Windsor, CT

Given the health risks of prolonged exposure to radon, it makes sense to take proactive steps to protect your home. With comprehensive radon testing for homes in the Windsor, CT, region, Angell Home Inspection Services provides the answers you need.

A detailed inspection from our experts will either restore your peace of mind or provide the data you need to take quick action and resolve the problem. To schedule your radon test, reach out to us via email or call Angell Home Inspection Services today at (860) 402-6644.