Professional Water Testing for Properties in Windsor, CT 

Most of us go about our daily lives using water from the tap without any fear or concern. After all, that water is treated and tested by public officials before it leaves the treatment plant, so it must be safe, right? Well, not so fast. This water testing only accounts for the quality of the water as it leaves the facility in Windsor, CT. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways it can become contaminated before it reaches your home.  

At Angell Home Inspection Services, we provide water testing for homeowners throughout the Windsor, Connecticut area. Our service provides a clear and easy-to-read summary of any water contamination issues. This quick and thorough water test is designed to help you take charge of this problem and restore peace of mind.  

Threats To Your Water Quality 

The most common sources of home water contamination are lead, arsenic and uranium. Here are some facts you should know about these threats: 

  • Lead – Lead can enter your home water supply through lead and copper pipes, brass faucet fittings, soft water, and other sources. When you consume water with lead in it, your blood lead levels will rise, increasing your risk of serious illness. 
  • Arsenic – Nearly 4% of private wells in Connecticut have been shown to contain arsenic levels that surpass the EPA designated threshold for safe consumption.  
  • Uranium – Uranium occurs naturally due to dissolving and eroding soil and rocks. If your home well is drilled into bedrock, there’s a chance your water supply is exposed to dangerous levels of uranium.  

Water Testing for Your Home 

At Angell Home Inspection Services, we are proud to provide vital home inspection services for local homeowners, buyers, investors, and real estate agents. With our water testing service, we can diagnose lead, uranium, or arsenic issues within the water supply at your home in Windsor, CT. We can then help you find the right remediation plan. Call (860) 402-6644 to schedule your inspection today.