Angell Home Inspection Services LLC was absolutely WONDERFUL! Jim was very kind and thorough since our first phone call! When we spoke I had important questions, and wanted all services done to the house since we are first time home buyers and I wanted to make sure our new house for our family was professionally inspected top to bottom, inside and out! Jim was able to provide me with every service and his pricing was reasonable and worth it! Jim was there early, started right away. Jim even gave us a quick run down of his plan for the day which I personally think is professional and helpful so that we had an idea as well! Jim even came along with a tape measurer, a whole book on inspections so we could use as a guide with our report and pens for us, very thoughtful and smart! Jim took his time for the whole inspection instead of rushing through, I watched as he took a very close look at everything and I felt very comfortable knowing he was inspecting everything carefully! When I had questions he was able to explain in a noncomplicated way and fully so that they were answered completely, and that is very important to me. I was very satisfied with his knowledge, the calmness about him, and how helpful throughout. After the inspection, he still stayed a little while after and gave my husband and I along with our realtor a nice summary of how it went and had our report to us that same day!! When he left we did a walk through quickly and noticed a small issue we didn't see before, and I was able to call him and he came right back and took a look and explained to us the issue, how it can be fixed and I thought that was SO great that even though he was done and left he made no problem of it and came right back within minutes, that was not only pure professionalism, but overall a kind person!! That is the type of home inspector you are looking for, and we couldn't of been happier after the inspection. Jim made it clear that he does not just do this and then neglect his clients, he was very friendly and open with letting us know if we need anything else, have questions, or even help to give a call! Jim was so personable, detailed, and overall in-depth with the whole inspection that I would highly recommend him to anyone who asked! Thank you Jim & Angell Home Inspections! :)
Valori 10/31/2022
Thank goodness for Jim! As a first time home buyer I was completely clueless on what goes into the care and maintenance of a home. Jim took his time going through every room and checking ever piece of the house top to bottom. He was patient and thorough in answering my questions and concerns. I love that he takes pictures of everything for the report and makes sure I understand each point. Jim is very professional and responsive. It’s the little things in the care of their customers that sets Angell Home Inspection Services apart from others. Jim was ready with pens, tape measurer and a full inspection booklet for us. He was very knowledgeable about home care that I feel so much more at ease becoming a homeowner, worth every penny for this experience. Thank you Jim!!
Lauren 10/31/2022
If you're looking for someone you can trust with a home inspection, no matter how complex, search no further: Jim is your guy. Jim is an extraordinarily detailed inspector who my fiancé and I are lucky to have worked with. Not only was Jim thorough in his pre-inspection phone interview – where he went out of his way to better understand the home we're in the process of purchasing, and to better understand who we are – Jim also spent almost 6 hours reviewing every nook and cranny of the house. We are in contract to purchase a 60 year old custom home that has many idiosyncrasies, and I couldn't have asked for a more seasoned, calm, straight-talking home inspection expert to walk me through everything we need to know before completing our home purchase.

Nate 10/31/2022
Jim is the real deal: super knowledgeable, thorough, patient with questions and details, and able to explain things clearly, both in person and in his written reports on the property. In fact, he is a great communicator all the way around, very personable and friendly, quick to reply to emails and phone calls. His extensive report on my home will be a resource for years to come, and he also provided me with a book about home inspection terminology and house systems for my reference (as well as a tape measure and two pens!) AND he offers his expertise in the future as well, if new questions arise. Also, the fact that he can handle radon and mold evaluations as well as general home inspection means that he is equipped to answer questions about these areas of specialization too, which I found very helpful. Finally, he is trustworthy and honest, giving recommendations on the necessity (or not) of various repairs, so you can determine how to proceed. He is worth every penny and more.
Lisa 10/31/2022
Jim was absolutely amazing. We are purchasing our first home and he was recommended to us by our wonderful realtor. When I called to scheduled the home inspection he had many immediate openings. He was early to the appointment and thoroughly prepared and explained to us for what was about to happen. He walked us through everything and offered us A LOT of extremely useful information. He even gave us a book called "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors that is a great tool to have for as long as you own a home, of course there will be new additions. He also gave us a pen for each of us and 16ft measuring tape! He answered all of my questions with knowledge and experience and had an answer for everything with his professional opinion. He made sure to look thoroughly through the inside and outside of the house where readily accessible and stayed focused not missing a thing. He explained how his report worked which we got back sooner than he anticipated, everything that he told me in person was on the report and the report was very well organized with plenty of additional resources. Everything was online, the payment and report. I even received email AND text reminders for my scheduled inspection. He was such a friendly and funny guy making the process enjoyable and less stressful. I though the inspection was going to drag but it the time went by quickly. I am so grateful for him, for his helpfulness and honesty. I wish everyone worked like he did. I very much recommend Angel Home Inspection Services, LLC!!!! I learned a lot from Jim and he has made me even more excited to become a home owner! (I may add onto this review if I think of anything else.)
Brianna L Medina 5/21/2021
We are first time home buyers and hired Jim to complete an inspection prior to us finalizing the purchase of our first home. Jim was truly a blessing to us and we feel very fortunate to have been able to work with him. Jim’s experience and knowledge really helped us feel more confident in our decision. During the inspection process he was able to explain things and gave us tips and tricks that will save us time and money. Just one of the many suggestions he gave us will save us the cost of the inspection and prevent many headaches over the years. Jim is like that cool science teacher that explains it so you can understand and makes it entertaining so you will remember. After the inspection we were overwhelmed with all the information but within hours we received a very detailed inspection report with pictures for reference. The next day, after we finished reading it he was available to talk us through the report and answered the rest of our questions which eased our concerns. After Jim’s inspection, report and follow up consultation it makes us feel like we have already lived in the house for years and know its quirks and trouble areas to watch. It is reassuring to know you have someone looking out for you. Thank you Jim
Jason 5/21/2021